Tyler Robinson-Voss

-Aspiring software engineer-

About Me

Hey, I'm Tyler. A computer science student at the University of Leicester due to graduate in 2021 with a passion for all things technology.
I'm currently undergoing a fantastic year in industry as a DevOps Infrastructure Engineer at IBM, due to finish in June 2020.

In my spare time I enjoy designing and creating iOS mobile applications and 2D mobile games,
snowboarding (and breaking my wrists), watching movies and spending time with my pets.
Overall a fun, friendly person who is always up for a challenge.


Save The Chicks - Currently in production

All game assets created by Tyler Robinson-Voss, programmed in C#.

Future updates include:
-Shopping functionality
-Multiple game modes

In my first mobile game you play as a chicken, your goal is to save your eggs from being stolen by pesky rats. There are powerups that will spawn randomly to help you out along the way. Obtain points by stomping on the rats, the number of points is determined by the number of eggs you have left. It's game over when all your eggs have been stolen!

I am currently working on an app that predicts the weather in your chosen location based on past weather data models, location and humidity. Along with this and personal preference you can see what fruit and vegetables will be the best to grow in your situation. You'll also be able to track their growth using AI.

I am currently creating and training a convolutional neural network to detect images of malnourished plants in order to give tips to keep them alive.

Contact Me

University: Trv4@student.le.ac.uk
Personal: Tjrv@outlook.com